• No Slip Bathtub

    The Invisible Bathroom Tread For Enamel Or Porcelain Bathtubs And Ceramic Tile Shower Floors
  • The Unique Thread Design Traps Water

    This Creates A Vacuum That Greatly Reduces Slipping
  • Safe And Easy To Install

    Protect The Ones You Love From Dangerous Slips and Falls

No More Slipping or Falling

No Slip Bathtub

The Invisible Bathroom Tread

No Slip Bathtub is a revolutionary bathroom safety product for ceramic tubs and tile shower floors that helps prevent slips and falls. No Slip Bathtub is not a coating, its a unique floor treatment that chemically changes the texture of the tub or shower floor without compromising the beauty of your tub or shower.  It creates texture that acts like suction cups on your tub or shower surface that keep your feet from slipping.  No Slip Bathtub will it not peel or crack, can be easily applied in just 10 minutes and is designed for most bathroom surfaces including Porcelain, Enamel, Ceramic and many more hard mineral surfaces! Visit the How It Works page to see No Slip Bathtub being demonstrated on the Home Shopping Network!

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